Memphis May Fire stecken all ihre Hoffnung in ihre Songs. Wieso sie das tun und wie die Musik entsteht findet ihr hier im Interview mit ihrem Sänger Matty!

Who are you and what is your part in the band? 

Hey this is Matty Mullins! I sing for the band.

What’s the process behind creating your music? 

Kellen (guitarist) & I do all the writing for the band. For the majority of our songs Kellen would write a complete instrumental & then I would write vocals over it. For our new album „Broken“, we wrote all the songs together in the studio.

Is there a certain message you want to transfer with your music in general?

I’ve always wanted our listeners to find hope in our music. I believe music is a very powerful tool that can be used to share whatever message you choose & I always want the impact that we make to be positive.

What is important for you while making music? 

For us, the most important thing when writing music is to write what makes us happy & challenges us. Regardless of what people expect from us, we will always make music that we want to make & music that we are proud of.

Where does the name „broken“ come from? Why did you choose this for the new album? 

It’s called „Broken“ because I wanted this album to be full of anthems for anyone who feels broken. I want these songs to serve as reminders for people that no matter what they’re going through, they’re never alone.

What is behind the lyrics of these new songs, what’s your intention with it? 

I wanted to be completely honest & transparent with the lyrics on this album. In the past i’ve tried to always write songs that feel hopeful but with this record I just wanted to be open about pain. I think people can find healing in a song when they can relate to it. That’s who these lyrics are for.

Why do u think someone should listen to the new CD?

We put our hearts & souls into making this record. It’s different than anything we’ve done before & we’re very proud of it.

Which song is the most fun for you to play on stage? Why?

Since the album just came out we’ve only been playing 1 new song, it’s called „The Old Me“. The response to the song live has been AMAZING. We can’t wait to incorporate more new songs in the set on the next tour.

Favourite Festival? Download

Favourite Band? Blindside

Favourite Tattoo? We all have doner kebab tattoos lol. That’s a favorite for sure.

Favourite Song/LP? Beloved – Failure On My Lips

Favourite Clothing Brand? Cult Of Individuality

Favourite Videogame? I’m not much of a gamer

Something you want to tell the readers besides your answers before?

Thank you for supporting music! You are the reason we get to do what we love!


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