„Fade to black and erase the pain!“ – Damit lässt sich das neue Album am Besten beschreiben. In diesem Interview erklärt Aaron, der Drummer der Band, zum neuen Albums „Erase The Pain“ und warum ihr unbedingt Palisades hören solltet.

Who are you and what is your profession?

Hello, I’m Aaron and I play drums in Palisades

What’s the process behind creating your music?

The songs start when we are triggered by something that inspires us. We will take a chord progression and then see what tempo and key it works in best and really get a general vibe for the song. Then we will add the beats, baselines, and figure out the guitar parts.We then place some synths in, to help thicken up then sound. From there the vocals usually start getting done. Lyrics don’t always come first, sometimes we have a melody that fits and we work with that more then the lyrics, but its also the other way around. Thats usually our formula, but I found that a few song we write starts in different ways as well.

Is there a certain message you want to transfer with your music in general?

The general message to of our band is to show people that they aren’t alone in tough times. We’re sort of an emotional support group.

What is important for you while making music?

It is important to be in the right head space. Personally speaking, I feel like we talk about certain subjects as well as listen to music that have made us feel a certain emotion that we want to base a song off of. So ifwe’re in a pissed off mood, we listen to aggressive music, in turn leads us to write a heavier song. At least thats one of many things that we need. But besides the mindset, it is important to be in an environment thats inspiring. When we were at Howard Benson’s it was so inspiring to be there because, you see all of the plaques on the wall from the artists that were there before you. All of these great albums were done in that studio and we never thought that we would have had the opportunity to be recording out songs there too.

Where does the name „Erase The Pain“ come from?

„Erase The Pain“ as a song came before the album title. After realizing there was a common thread in all of the lyrical content, we thought it was the most fitting title.

What is behind the lyrics of the album „Erase The Pain“, what’s your intention with it and the album?

The lyrics are all based onexperiences that we all have had in our lives and how we felt with them. Our intention is again, to share those moments of being able to connect to people through our music.

All of the lyrics mean so many different things, we all took part in writing them. The lyrical intention is to make whoever listens to it, wether it be a first time listener or a long time fan, feel connected to it. That they can connect to the music and realize that someone else went through the same things they maybe going through

Why do you think someone should listen to the new CD?

Because it has something for everyone, and even I listen to it everyday still from the moment we got our rough mixes back.

Any plans on touring through Europe?

We“re working on it. We miss Europe and haven’t been back in two years, it’s about time we go back.

What are you expecting from upcoming shows?

We are expecting to meet a lot of new fans and to have a great time playing our newer material.

Which song is the most fun for you to play on stage?

So far it is „War“. Its aggressive and one of our newer songs so it has a long time before it starts to feel old.

Favourite Festival? Louder Than Life

Favourite Band? Led Zeppelin

Favourite Tattoo? My Strength Tarot card. Its for my mother.

Favourite Song/LP? Dance Macabre by Ghost

Favourite Clothing Brand? Straight To Hell

Favourite Videogame? Resident Evil : Biohazard

Something you want to tell the readers?

Thank you to all of the supporters of this band. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be here.



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