[Interview] Marianas Trench

Von einem Fan durch eine Stadt gejagt werden, Homer Simpson bei einem Video-Dreh imitieren und das zu Hause zu einem Ton-Studio umbauen. Das, und vieles andere kann die Band Marianas Trench über ihren Werdegang als Band berichten. Matt, der Gitarrist, verrät euch alle Details zu diesen, aber auch anderen Momenten der Band Marianas Trench. 

Who are you and what is your part in the band?
My name is Matt Webb and I play guitar in Marianas Trench.
What is your story behind your latest record Phantoms?
Phantoms, thematically, was inspired by a trip to New Orleans.  We were on tour in the southern US and had a day off in this lovely town. Josh was moved by the Voodoo culture of New Orleans, their unique take on death - where funerals are a celebration instead of a dark, morose event.  We got back to the tour bus and the crew was watching the movie “The Adams Family” haha.  And that day is what led to the ghostly theme we chose for this record!
What was your experience writing and producing the last record? Especially compared to earlier releases.
We always have a wonderful time in the studio together.  On Phantoms, we tried our hand at a few unusual instruments like the theremin and harpsichord, instruments that helped to create an authentic spooky vibe.  Our previous recording, Astoria, was mostly completed in Josh’s apartment that we had rigged into a makeshift studio.  It was just like recording at home, because we were at home!  Phantoms was recorded in a more traditional studio setting.  Both have their positives and negatives but as long as there is nearby food and video games to settle inter-band quarrels, we’re content.
Why should someone listen to Phantoms in our opinion? For example die hard fans of older stuff who usually aren’t open for new ways a band chooses to express themselves.
Phantoms, as with all of our records, is designed to be listened to from front to back.  It takes you on a music journey that we hope you’ll enjoy.  If you hate Marianas Trench, you’re probably not going to like this journey.  But if you are open to weird organic pop-rock with crazy vocals, give it a chance. 
What is your story as a band?
Josh and I went to high school together, Ian and Mike worked at a restaurant together, we joined forces to make super music. 
What is the funniest story you experienced as a band? Doesn’t matter if on stage or on the ride to the next venue or just in the practice room.
There are many, but one specific one that is currently making me chuckle is; when we shot the music video for By Now in Las Vegas, we were standing on top of a mountain in brand new suits.  Those suits needed to appear “distressed” for the next shot.  So, we all laid down on the ground and rolled down the mountain, through the rocks and dirt and shrubs, and then did that thing that Homer Simpson does when he walks around in a circle while laying down. 
Is there any fanatic fan story?
Yeah one time we got chased by a fan that we’re pretty sure was the Terminator.  She ran about 10kms on foot through downtown traffic, chasing our van… we would lose her at every green light only to watch her gain on us in the rear-view mirror.  It was terrifying.  Her CPU was definitely a Neuronet processor.
What are your most proud of achieving as a band?
Any time we perform in a new city or country where we have never been, and people sing the words.  That’s all it takes.  It’s very moving. 

What interview question are you the most tired of being asked?
Where did you band name come from?

Where do you see yourself and the band in 5 years?
Bathing nude in a Japanese onsen after we have sold out the Tokyo dome?

Now the standard question everyone gets who does an interview with us.
Tattoo on yourself? Who did it?
Yup, the coordinates for the Marianas Trench on my chest.  No idea what the tattoo artists’ name was…
The Police
D’ete de Quebec
Independent clothing label?
Marianas Trench brand merchandise

Gotye, Making Mirrors

Walking on the Moon, The Police

What do you want to tell the readers beside the above?
Stay in school. 
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