[Interview] Sleepwalker Clothing

Mit diesem Namen kann sich jeder irgendwann identifizieren. So auch das belgische Label, welches sich darunter genderneutrale Kleidung und kleine, aber feine Designs zum Programm machte. Was ihr bei den Klamotten wichtig ist, wie das Label entstand und was in der neuen Kollektion auf euch zukommt erzählt euch Gründerin Sofie.

How was your clothing label founded?

Sleepwalker was created with the idea to wear clothes that could be worn to work, school, a family get together or a festival.
It started with an idea and that idea transferred to the garments.
For that we have to thank Rien, who created the logo that is seen on all the Sleepwalker designs.
Sometimes if you have an idea, big or small, you just have to with it and see where it takes you.

What is important for you while and about your work? 

With Sleepwalker.Brand we wanted to create something different.
Not using labels on people and clothes. Because we truly believe clothes have no gender.
Never creating with the idea of what is on trend now what would sell better…
Creating good basic pieces and staying true to our style.

How would you describe your design style and how did it develop/evolve?

Clothing is a way of expressing yourself.
If you wear a band shirt or a graphic tee, you want your clothes to say something.
Good basic pieces to dress up your wardrobe, without losing your style.
Making the decision to be a gender neutral brand since the day we started.

Why should someone get a piece of yours?

If you want to own ethical clothing that wasn’t made in a sweatshop.
If you want to support a small brand.
If you want to have an awesome clothing item.
Then we are the brand for you.

What can we expect from the next upcoming collection?

For the upcoming collections, we want to work with more Limited Edition designs.
But also expand the classic Sleepwalker designs with more accessories.
Maybe some illustrators or creative people who want to work with us in the future?

How was the last collection created? 

When a friend of mine, showed some of their artwork that was inspired by the brand.
I fell in love with the eye design, for that thank you Ash.
It also inspired me to, try to draw and create myself.

Is there a certain statement or message your pieces should transfer?

Clothes have no gender.

Favorite tattoo (on your Self)?

by Vivien Szincsak (@nothingsrs on instagram) Skunxtattoo in London.
Turning 30 was celebrated with a tattoo.
A reminder to not always look where you need to go but remember where you have been.


Favorite band?

The Gaslight Anthem, even though they called it “quits, still my favorite band.

Favorite video game?

James Bond Goldeneye on Nintendo 64

Favorite festival?

GroezRock in Belgium, it was the first festival Sleepwalker was a part of so it is still my favorite festival.

Favorite clothing label (except your own)?

Abandon Ship Apparel

Favorite song/album?

Let’s start a fire by Arson
Whenever you need to kickstart your day, just put on this album.
Arson is a Ghent (Belgium) based 5-piece band that bring a hard mix of rock ’n roll, punk, hardcore and southern rock.


Something you want to tell the readers besides the above:

If you want to follow Sleepwalker.Brand you can do that …
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sleepwalkerbrand/
Shop: https://sleepwalkerbrand.bigcartel.com/


Die Bilder hat uns die Brand zur Verfügung gestellt